Over 50 years of

Toxicology Testing Experience

Since 1972, MB Research, a GLP contract research laboratory, has been conducting acute, sub-chronic/chronic toxicological and pharmacological studies.

MB Research provides industry-leading general toxicology services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, agrochemical industries and government agencies. Routine, non-traditional toxicology studies and custom testing services are available to meet specific testing needs. Study Directors and technicians strive to consistently deliver exemplary results to support both Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) and non-GLP studies.

With a wide range of in vivo and in vitro test protocols available, MB Research offers comprehensive capabilities to address your unique needs and goals. With expertise in many areas of in vivo and in vitro testing, research, and safety evaluations, MB Research serves the testing needs of both government and industry.

Complete support services including consultation, protocol development, quality assurance, archive facilities and more are integral components of studies performed at MB Research. Our technical and support procedures are in full compliance with OECD, FDA and EPA Good Laboratory Practices.

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Leading with


For over 35 years, MB Research has been validating and developing in vitro and alternative tests.

Collaborating with

The Experts

MB Research has effective collaborative relationships with scientific leaders from around the world that aid in the development and validation of in vitro and alternative tests.

Accreditations & Regulatory


MB Research Laboratories is registered and/or complies with the following governmental agencies:
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We are also registered with the proper complimentary Commonwealth of Pennsylvania agencies.